I came to UNT Dallas to follow in my older brother’s footsteps. He was the first in our family to go to college. If he was at UNT Dallas, then I wanted to be there too. It was the best decision.

At UNT Dallas, I’m no longer the quiet guy who gets good grades but sticks to himself. I’m involved on campus, and working toward a career in criminal justice as a probation officer or probation counselor.  

I see how many kids today are drawn into the “dark side” of life. Many of the kids I went to high school with were in a bad crowd, making bad decisions. I always thought I could help them out. As a probation officer, I’ll be in the action, helping people see there is a better life, a better way.

Dr. Hackard is helping me get there. She’s my favorite criminal justice professor. She keeps her class lively and fun. She gets us involved by asking questions and hearing our input, and she helps her students find internships-something I want to look into soon.

I want other students to know that even when life gets hard, it’s important to keep going and don’t let anyone say you can’t do something. The effort is worth it when you find a career that you love.

*Cedar Valley College Alum