Juan, an admissions counselor and alumnus of UNT Dallas, understands the competing needs of earning a master’s degree to move up professionally versus the financial challenges of paying for graduate school.

Thankfully UNT Dallas provided a way for Juan to get his degree without going into debt.  

"I really wanted to work for the state or the city, anything in politics, but most of those jobs required a master’s degree. Thankfully, I received a great scholarship from UNT Dallas and finished my master's degree in a year."

He also recently finished his second master’s degree in business administration.

Now Juan walks other students through the admissions process and does his best to make it easier for them.

"Being bilingual and in Dallas, there are a lot of first-generation students who are in the same place I was once in," Juan said. "Often a student’s biggest question is, ‘how will I pay for school?'"

He encourages students to work hard, and continue to pursue their educational goals. There’s always a way forward.  

"Everyone has their own time that they are meant to reach their goal. There isn't really 'a finish line.' Every goal you have is going to be met eventually if you just keep at it."