Uvaldina Janecek

Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education

Dal 1 #261, Admin (B1)

Uvaldina Montoya Janecek is an educator with experience teaching students of all ages, from prekindergarten to adult. She has been a bilingual early childhood teacher and a college instructor of education courses and ESL classes for adults. In addition to teaching, Uvaldina has a commitment to leading organizations that serve students who have had challenges succeeding in traditional school settings. Uvaldina also worked as an early childhood specialist in a large urban public school district with a majority of low-income, minority students. Her commitment to the success of children and youth spilled over into community involvement in organizations such as Camp Fire Boys and Girls and World Changers mission trips to high poverty areas. Uvaldina was also involved in efforts to establish some of the first community health clinics in underserved areas of Dallas County. Uvaldina plans to continue working on behalf of students who need an advocate, both through educational research and the preparation of professionals who work with these students.